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     Meet Dr. Finnigan, Natural Health Specialist, author, and Doctor of Chiropractic. His clinical observations over twenty years have led to the most effective, six point solution for Chronic Headache Sufferers. Dr. Finnigan is Board Certified in the Specialty of Atlas Orthogonal Procedures. His seminars and approach to healing have won acclaim from business executives, politicians, professional athletes, and the general public.
Free Assessment and 2 chapters from the book Life Beyond Headaches Dr. Sweat
Dr. Finnigan formated a 6 point solution for recurrent headache sufferers based on Dr. Roy Sweat's Atlas Orthogonal Procedures.

Dr. Sweat

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     We are a world leader in resolving the root cause of Headaches without drugs and without surgery. Thousands of people who were frustrated, just like you, have had their lives returned to them via our pragmatic approach.

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