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Are You Serious About Headaches?
Our FREE Information Can Help!

There's are no magic potions for headache pain, but there are drug-free solutions.


Wouldn't you like to:
  • Be free of headaches?
  • Leave the pain and anger behind?
  • Forget the frustrations?
  • Throw away your pain-killing drugs?

  • It's all possible!

    Do you know what causes your headaches? There are "triggers" which can start a headache or make one worse: anxiety, anger, caffeine, depression, flickering light, glare, eye strain, alcohol, nicotine, cheese, chocolate, humidity, temperature and weather changes, and in women, hormonal factors associated with menstrual cycle.

    Headache sufferers can become anxious, angry, or depressed because of their headaches. These reactions then trigger even more headaches. It's not a pretty picture, but it's a picture that can change . . . for the better.

    Change your expectations and change headache-related "negative talk" inside your head to a "positive talk." Banish negative talk like, "I'm going to have these damn headaches for the rest of my life. Nothing can be done. No one can help." Replace the negative with a positive statement like, "There is a life beyond headaches."

    Dr. FinniganDr. Jeffry Finnigan can help. Dr. Finnigan has identified Six Foundational Keys to eliminate headaches. You can change your life today with the help of Dr. Finnigan. Click Here to fill out an informal survey. The form is for a FREE consultation as well as headache information. How can you go wrong? Soon your Headache will be a thing of the past.

    You will be able to read the first two chapters of Dr. Finnigan's book, Life Beyond Headaches. There is also headache information available from Dr. Finnigan at

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